Hi everyone, my name is Doris and I’m the owner of MyBallDog.

I created MyBallDog because I wanted a dog toy that was
different from all other dog toys out in the market today. A toy that was unique, fun, and incorporated features dogs love in toys as well as it being recognizable by dogs and dog lovers out there.

I also wanted it to be versatile where it can serve a dual purpose, thus creating a 2-in-1 dog toy. My inspiration for MyBallDog came from my 4 lovely dogs: Kara, Mika, Chloe, and Sasha ❤. With them, I was able to test many versions the BallDogs into what they are today.

I understand that some dogs are rougher with toys than others. Trust me, I have two of them that are like that; Plus, I know how
frustrating it can be buying a new toy for it to be destroyed in a few hours. That’s why it was important for me to offer a 30-Day free replacement toy if your dog rips apart their first BallDog.

My mission is for you and your dog to be happy with our
products and create those moments that we’ll cherish with them forever, like a good game of tug of war or fetch! It can even be a toy that they just bond and take with them everywhere to ease their anxiety. A friend your dog can share and love.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out and for
supporting my small business with big plans.